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All the little dears.

Who: Reyce and Wistella (NPC)
Where: Nursery
When: Late afternoon at the beginning of month 3.
What: Reyce has to come pick up his spawn. He gets to talk to Wistella and deal with the chaos that is the nursery. (Watch Reyce be terrorized!!!)


The nursery is a busy place always. Even in the middle of the night which it is not right now. Instead it is late in the afternoon, but not quite evening. Children run around screaming loudly and are left to do just that for the most part. Here and there some resident or rider shows up to pick up their kid for the evening. Sometimes the kid goes quietly and other times they don't want to leave and create an argument that in one case involves throwing a block at mom's head. In the middle of all the chaos is Wistella who presides over it with an amused smile. The antics of children always amuse her and they're just getting the craziness out of their system so all is well. The only quiet spot is the smaller room off to one side where rows of cribs and a couple of rocking chairs hold sway. In here are mostly sleeping babies although some of them are demanding a diaper change or something to eat with loud, earnest screams.

Usually it's the mother who's in charge of picking up the kid at the end of the day, but today, little Asherei's father shows up. She has been a trial during her stay here, waking (and wailing) frequently enough on her own, and joining the other children in their cries when they wake up, as well. It's not hard to see where she got that sensitivity towards sound, as Reyce hasn't even walked through the door yet before his expression becomes one of alarm as he surveys the gleeful chaos of the big kids' room. The Bendenite presses his lips together, pointedly silent himself, and scans the nannies in the room to see which one is holding his daughter. He doesn't even look at the side room: clearly, he's never been here before.

One of talents learned through a lifetime of working in the nursery is when to recognize someone out of place. So, Wistella stops mediating between a pair of kids, siblings by the looks of them, who are fighting over a stuffed dog. Now she bustles on over to that lost father with a wide smile and merry eyes. She easily sidesteps running kids, toys, the remains of what looks to have been a cookie once although when she sees that she does call out, "Jo, come clean this up." And lo, one of the other nannies hurries over. "You're a new one," greets Reyce as she brightens the wattage of her smile. "Which of the little darlings is yours?"

In the jumble that is the nursery, at least as Reyce understands it, someone moving with purpose and direction shines like the North Star. His eyes find Wistella as soon as she starts walking toward him, and though his survey of her arms - empty - soon reveals that she's not bringing him his daughter, watches her expectantly. Surely she knows where the daughter is. "Asherei," he answers, leaning a glance past her to give the room another scan. It's as fruitless a search now as it was when he walked into the place, what with Asha in the other room, so afterwards he's left to just look back at Wistella and lift his brows slightly.

"Oh! Asherei's daddy! It's so good to meet you. We all just love her to death she's so darling!" Yes, most of Wistella's comments are filled with such energy and enthusiasm they must end in an exclamation mark. "Oh, she's not out here, dear." She must have noticed the look around the room because she chuckles and gestures with her arm to that little side room. "She'll be back here with the other babies. Mercy, we wouldn't leave them poor little babies out here with the terrors!" Fondly she speaks of the terrors, but that would be what they look like. "You're so lucky to have such a pretty girl. Takes after her mother. Just come this way, dear." And lucky Reyce he gets led across the sea of kids towards where the one he wants is located.

The enthusiasm knocks Reyce back a step, as though it were a physical wind he had to brace his leg to withstand. Or maybe it's just the word 'daddy' applied to himself; that certainly startles a blink out of him. "She -" but before he can attempt to say anything about Asha or the gushing comments she receives, Wistella's off on another subject and on the path towards his kid. "Okay," he mumbles as he picks his way forward, clearly uncomfortable around the other so-called 'terrors' and careful to give them and their toys a wide berth that makes him especially slow and awkward in following the nanny.

He can try to give them a wide berth, but kids know when someone doesn't want them around and they flock to that person. So, several of the kids ranging in age from four to seven make sure they're right up close to the path Wistella leads Reyce along. Several of them wave to the man and one little boy with grubby looking hands runs up and tries to grab at his leg. Likely some sort of dare. Kids giggle and watch the new guy. "You just remember next time we keep the babies in the side room and you just tell em who you need to get and it'll be done right as rain." Wistella looks over her shoulder and beams another smile at Reyce as she slows down when a gaggle of kids run right past her. She has to wait for them to pass before she can move again.

Someone has lulled those children into the false impression that they are cute and people like them. Reyce is here to dispel that impression. The waves are quietly ignored, but as soon as one runs up to him with the clear intention of touching him for a dare, the Bendenite turns a low growl on him and yanks his leg out of the way. He leaves the kid behind in the next stride - someone else can deal with him - but his expression is still one of distaste when Wistella turns to shine her next smile on him. This time it's an irritated, rather than intimidated, father that looks back at her, but he's still got enough restraint not to train his newfound hostility on her. "'ll remember," he agrees with a resigned huff. That gaggle of kids that slowed Wistella has allowed him to catch up to her, and while the last of them are passing (holding him in place) he remembers to add a mumbled, "Thanks."

"Oh, there's no need to thank me at all, dear. This is what I do. Oh. I'm Wistella. Been head nanny here forever and a day but I'm always so happy to meet new parents. And their little dearlings." Wistella pauses outside the door and turns as there's a loud crash and a scream. "Oh, Neffie." Looking at Reyce she smiles brilliantly. "Neffie is such a dear, but she's so full of herself. And likes to make things crash. Gets it from her mother whom I had in here as well." Before stepping inside she casts one more look around the room and then tells Reyce, "Shush now." As if he's said a lot already. Into the screaming baby room they go.

Reyce thins his eyes into a squint, watching Wistella brush so airily through the screams and crashes going on behind him. That she orders him to shush, when there are screaming children outside and screaming babes within, only narrows his eyes further, confusion evident in the sliver of his gaze still visible. So his nod is delayed while he considers all these factors, but he does nod at her finally and step silently into the room, where he immediately resumes his scan for Asha.

Asha will be found not in a crib, but in the arms of one of the junior nannies rocking her and singing to her quietly. Asha appears to be dozing off and on. Wistella steps aside once she's in the room so that Reyce will not have trouble finding his darling little girl. After all, that's what he is here to do. She just smiles merrily and watches the father/daughter reunion. Without even warning the other nanny what a grump he has been.

And what a grump he will continue to be, for the second Reyce finds his daughter any trace of etiquette is forgotten as he strides towards her and takes her from the junior nanny's arms. The poor young woman probably feels the need to defend her charge, especially when Asha responds with a long bleat of discomfort now she's been jarred from her nap, but Reyce is not to be denied and has had enough practice taking Asha from her mother that he has the movement down to a swift art. She's gone before her erstwhile comforter can so much as call out "Hey," the protest in the word dampened by the Quiet Rule that holds sway in this room. "I'm her father," Reyce tells the woman sharply, his harsh tone provoking another bleat from Asha, who begins to wave around her tiny fists and winds up beating him in the chest. Wistella will have plenty to witness, though, and gush about if she chooses; the hardened Bendenite becomes a doll for his baby girl, letting her punch and cry at him all she likes while he cradles her close to his body, his eyes skimming quickly over the tiny form to make sure she was well looked after during her time at this strange place.

The poor junior nanny does indeed try to complain, but the words quiet her. She starts to rise even, stopping when Wistella gives her a little sign that all is good. Instead she settles back into her rocker and enjoys a moment of no-baby holding. It doesn't happen often after all. Wistella watches father and daughter together with a careful eye. Turns and turns of practice allow her to make clear decisions on her observations and decide, well, whatever it is she has decided. Nothing keeps her from smiling however and certainly daddy and baby makes her smile. "She's just adorable. And she sure loves her daddy. Don't you, baby? You sure love your daddy." She coos all of this from a few feet away, but she doesn't need to be /in/ space to invade her. Her personality does that for her. Tries to wrap up everyone in the same sugar coating she lives in.

There's that word again, and not just once. Daddy. Wistella's words drag Reyce little by little up from his examination, first his chin lifting, then even turning towards her, and finally his eyes leaving the angry red face beneath him to find the smiling one a few feet away. The angry one was easier for him, as Wistella's boundless sugar-coating seems to unnerve him. He eyes her now, scanning her bright, endless smile for some hint of sarcasm that he can't seem to find. "She's good," he answers gruffly, clearly at something of a loss as to what one says, if one should say anything at all when it's the kid being addressed. One thumb rubs at Asha's cheek to keep her occupied - indeed, the stroking finger becomes the focus of her wrath, as she grabs and squeezes it in a tiny fist, trapping it by her mouth while her forehead remains fiercely wrinkled in the aftermath of her tears.

"Oh! Oh, before I forget. Some dropped the most darling little thing off for her. Let me just get it." Wistella bundles off towards the crib that was occupied, one can guess, by Asha earlier. From the crib she pulls out a little stuffed cow. Bringing it over she holds it out so either Reyce or Asha can grab it. "She was sleeping so good with it and it's just darling, isn't it?" More smiling occurs and from outside the room the sounds of chaos seem to be lessening. Clearly children are departing since the banging and screaming seems to be coming less and less. The former Asha holding nanny gets up to go pick up a recently awakened baby and carry him back to the same rocker.

Father and daughter watch the approaching cow in silence, the former warily and the latter with detached curiosity. Asha probably doesn't recognize it yet, having spent most of her time with it with her eyes closed. Reyce finally disengages his thumb from her grip and reaches out for the cow, though he places it in the other hand, the one that's nearer to his daughter's rump than to her face, so she won't notice it. "Don't know that it isn't dirty," he explains, his wariness now transferred to Wistella. Dirty cow provider. "Who put it in?"

Watching the taking and partial rejection of the cow Wistella shakes her head. "Oh, come on now. She's been sleeping with it all day. And we made sure it was fine. Really, don't be silly. We are quite aware of how to do our job." She nearly tsks and only verbally rubs one finger atop the other. Wistella wouldn't actually do that physically. When he asks who the dirty cow provider was she blinks and scratches her head. "Oh. I can't for the life of me remember what her name was. She was adorable. Around my age. Oh, really. Don't be like that! It's an adorable little cow and she loves it. If you don't want to take it with you then we can certainly hold it here for her. But, mind my words, she'll miss it and start to cry."

Phyiscally enacted or not, Reyce gets the idea behind the tsking finger tone and gradually firms up his lower jaw into a stubborn set. "Don't know who they are then don't want Asha playing with it." His decision is made, and he shifts the girl more comfortably against his chest as the arm holding the cow unwinds itself and sticks the object out at Wistella. "She's got her own toys, can bring one with her, we bring her here tomorrow. Probably just missed holding something." So the cow isn't significant, he's guessing. He gives it a little twitch if Wistella hasn't taken it already, to motivate her to do that now.

If he doesn't want it then Wistella will take the cow back and waggle it at Reyce. "First time daddies are always so over-protective. It's the most adorable thing. You just wait, daddy. By the third or fourth you'll have it all down pat and not be worried about a thing!" Smiling warmly she nods her head several times encouragingly. "Anyway, I'd better let you get her off then. She'll be wanting her dinner soon and she does cry when she's hungry. Good set of lungs on her. Gets it from her mother I imagine." Smile, dimple, waggle the cow back and forth. "We'll all see you again soon I am sure! Good-bye little adorable sweet baby." Clearly addressed to Asha. Reyce gets another smile and she wiggles her fingers. "You and mommy have a good night, daddy!" Reyce will be left to see himself off as she is going to go get to what she needs to do. Part of which will be have a little nip from the flask in her pocket.

Between frequent repeats of the word 'daddy' and the idea of a third or fourth kid, Wistella proves definitively that she has a knack for saying things Reyce doesn't want to hear. The stubborn jaw fades into something more concerned, if faintly so, and when Wistella starts nodding and smiling her way off, he seems entirely willing to let her go. A quick, sharp nod serves as his farewell, then the nanny's gone, Asha's staring at him, and he has to brush back through the kid-crowded outer room on his way to locate Asha's dinner.



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Aug. 6th, 2007 04:15 am (UTC)
Adorable. And I do always love tormenting Reyce, it's so much fun.
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