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Happy Babying.

Who: Issa, Miniyal, Reyce
Where: Issa's weyr
When: 17:57 on day 20, month 2, turn 4 of the 7th Pass.
What: A month after her arrival Miniyal drops by Asha's home with a gift for her and the happy parents. It's sort of hard to convey the awkwardness.


At High Reaches Weyr, it is 17:57 on day 20, month 2, turn 4 of the 7th Pass.

The Weyrlingmaster's assistant and her Bendenite are nothing if not predictable, and they have become even more so now that they have Asha trailing along. The baby decided to draw attention to herself at dinner, suddenly bursting into screams while her parents and those around her were trying to eat dinner; shortly after, Reyce and Issa had to retreat, with the former putting away their mostly-finished dinner plates while the latter moved into more quiet corridors to mollify the babe. Since they didn't come back, they could only have returned to Issa's weyr, and that is indeed where the two are sitting now: Reyce sunk into the comfortable armchair while Issa took Asha with her to the rocking chair beside him. A fire crackles in the hearth, completing the scene of sickening domesticity.

It is Issa who gets the first warning. Well, technically it is Oshisyth who gets the first warning as Peloth makes her polite invasion into the green's mind to inquire if they might come up. She leaks excitement through cool tones and informs the green to inform her rider that they are bringing a gift. And to be polite they await permission in the bowl before invading. After all, it's not as Miniyal imagines anyone up there will be particularly thrilled to see her. Bearing gifts or no.

Issa sits cross-legged in that rocking chair, Asha cradled over her ankles as they both sway faintly back and forth on the runners. They're cooing softly at each other in between the snippets of conversation sent Reyce's way and a garishly colored ragdoll, one of Issa's that existed long before Asha came, is dangled from above. It's done a good job of cheering the fussy girl, for she waves away happily at the floppy thing. But while the baby goes on gurgling at the toy, Issa straightens a bit, cocks a brow at the bright fire across from her. "Seems our newest goldrider has decided we're worthy of a visit," she comments out of the blue, turning her still-distracted gaze on Reyce. "And a gift," she adds, surprised brow joining the first as she refocuses on his face. In that same moment, Oshisyth is straightening and pulling down off of her couch, slipping out to a corner of the ledge as she sends permission and welcome to the gold waiting on her word. Issa continues to look at Reyce dryly, about as thrilled as she's expected to be.

Reyce has his eyes closed and his arms stretched out along those of the couch, making himself as comfortable as possible in what's already a pretty comfortable chair. He's not relaxed enough to be asleep, however, and whenever Issa speaks to him he answers promptly in a murmur; thus when she tells him there's a visitor coming, he says with little pause, "She can't hold Asha." Very few people are allowed to hold Asha, though, as far as he's concerned. His eyes peel open and he glances over at Issa, keeping the ledge entrance in his peripheral view.

After permission is given there are a few minutes more of peace before out on the ledge there is the sound of their visitor arriving. Peloth curls up once her rider has departed, but remains where she is. Likely told to stay close in case a quick getaway is required of her. Since her arrival has already been announced Miniyal doesn't wait out on the ledge in the cold winter wind. She doesn't pause until she's just inside the weyr and then she lingers right there. "Umm." One hand tugs off a glove on the other and once both have been tucked into the pockets of her coat she tries to speak again. "Hi. Umm. I'm sorry to bother you at dinnertime. It's just, I wanted to bring by, you know. I mean, gifts." Feet shuffle as her nervous gaze travels from where Reyce sits along to where Issa sits with the reason for the gift thing in the first place. "I'm sorry it's late. I mean, I had to wait for it to be done and finish it and, umm. Yea."

"If she asks, I'm not going to be rude," Issa replies, shoving the toy to one corner of the chair while she goes about gathering Asha up into her arms, putting her feet on the ground. She manages to stand and get a few light bounces in to keep the baby happy before the newest weyrwoman makes her appearance. A pleasant smile greets her. "Hello, Miniyal," she says, friendly and polite as she's been since Miniyal was assigned as her assistant-of-sorts, "it's no bother." She pauses, letting Miniyal babble on as long as she will while she shifts Asha carefully to her shoulder, shoots Reyce a glance. "Oh, don't worry," she replies warmly, smile sticking soundly, "I'm sure it's worth the wait. Your gifts are always so thoughtful. Come in. Sit." A hand waves a few inches from the baby's back to indicate the couch then drops back into place.

Reyce growls at Issa's noncompliant reply, his eyes flicking to Asha and probably wondering what other unworthy sorts have been entrusted with his daughter for the sake of not being rude. That hostility is only marginally worn down by the time Miniyal arrives, so he doesn't trouble himself as Issa has to get up and greet her: just turns his head in her direction and watches from the armchair. Eventually, when there's a break in the speech long enough for him to offer it, he grunts a greeting at her and takes the strain off his neck by looking forward again, his face faintly tilted to the side so he'll be able to see Miniyal when she reaches the couch.

Her gifts are always thoughtful. Of course, sometimes the thoughts aren't the sort other people want to have. It's not Miniyal's fault that is the case. Once more her gaze slides to Reyce but it slides back to Issa more quickly. The lesser of two disturbing evils it would seem. Reaching the couch takes a bit of time as she has to decide if she is going to or not. Finally, if only to not be rude she does move farther into the weyr as she slips a hand into her pocket again. "I won't take up much of your time. I promise." As if this promise might get her a warmer reception. "Congratulations by the way. I'm sorry this wasn't done sooner." Chewing on her lower lip she pauses by the couch without sitting down.

Issa crosses to the side of Reyce's chair nearest the couch and leans her hip down onto it, half-sitting while she watches Miniyal stand there. "Thank you," she accepts graciously for the both of them. "And, really," she passes a smiling glance down to Reyce while patting Asha gently on the back, "we've had so much to keep us busy. It's probably better you waited." A small chuckle escapes as she turns back to the weyrling. "Did you want something? To drink? We have tea, wine." That last offering is made with a slight tip of her head, her hand flicking dismissively out toward the vacant couch again, permissively; no telling, honest.

When Miniyal actually arrives near the couch, Reyce actually bothers to turn towards her, though now Issa's in the way. He hooks his arm around her waist distractedly as he pushes himself back in the chair, pressing his back into it and straightening his posture so there's a clear line of sight between him and Miniyal, around Issa's side. He glances up at the greenrider when she smiles down at him, watching after her gaze for a half-beat before he removes his arm from her, gives a nod for Miniyal's congratulations. "Doesn't matter," is his far simpler reply to the apology, but he shuts up to let Issa take a longer swing at it. So he's just watching the young goldrider, which must be excellent encouragement if she's nervous, his gaze neutral but unwavering.

"Oh, I'm fine, thank you, ma'am." Miniyal finds a polite smile and tries it on ever so briefly. "Please, really. I am fine. I'll just- right. The gifts." Yes. Better to hand them over before sitting down. From her pocket she pulls out three small bags. One in green, one in pink, and one in black. "I hope you like them. I mean, I wasn't sure what to get or anything." You know, since neither of you like me, is only sort of hinted at in her awkward tone. "But it would have been rude and impolite not to get something and-oh!" Biting down on her lower lip she ignores the rush of color to her cheeks as she clears her throat. "Not that I mean I am only- I mean, it's not just because it's polite. I really did want to do something." It's a cautious creep she makes towards the trio to hold out the little bags. The black one to Reyce and the other two to Issa. The offering is made in silence, surely she's said enough by now anyway. Surely Reyce can be blamed for the faulty conversation she offers. It's impolite to stare, not that she would point it out. Since she is trying to be polite and all.

"Of course," Issa allows for Miniyal's swift backtracking, nodding her understanding, "I wouldn't assume anything like that." Never. She draws her smile even wider as she accepts the more prettily colored offerings with a free hand, uttering a soft, "Thank you," as she does so. That free hand, clutching the bags gently by the tops, is quickly drawn back to Asha, though, bracing the baby as she moves her down to a cradling position. Asha doesn't take to the switch very well, though, and begins to sputter a protest, face crinkling into a bit of a frown. "Here," she says to Reyce, handing off the other two bags to him as she stands to jounce Asha back into good spirits. "Open them."

Surely Reyce can be blamed, but one doubts the accusation would do much to trouble him. He lifts a brow slightly when she trips over herself with the mention of obligation behind her decision to give them a present, but at least, if he's staring, his gaze is level and not judgmental in any discernible way. One might guess there's another "Doesn't matter" behind that lifted brow, but he doesn't bother voicing it this time and it might be hard for the nervous to guess at. At least Miniyal's given a break when she approaches with the presents, even though it's Asha - not the gifts - Reyce has his eye on, and he's a bit late moving his hands up to receive the little black bag. And then to have the other bags pushed onto him. "Okay," he says, dragging his gaze away from the protesting Asha and starting with her present, then Issa's, then his own. They'll all gather in his lap as they're revealed, or be handed off to Issa if she wants them and can get the baby calm enough to put up with it.

A nervous glance is given towards Asha. She might try to cry or something and that would be no fun. Miniyal, at least, makes no move towards the baby. Any of Reyce's concerns about the weyrling wanting to hold her seem completely out of place. Once the bags are taken there is a swift retreat towards the couch. She perches at the end closest to where the others are and waits for bags to be opened. Fingers lacing tightly together as she keeps her hands folded in her lap she tries not to watch with much overt nervousness for the way the gifts are received.

The gifts are the same but for a single difference in each of them. Hanging from a ribbon, the colors matched to the bags, is a silver locket. It's not very fancy with a simple oval design and a single snowflake etched onto the front. The clasp to open the locket is easy to find and use although there's nothing inside of it. Embroidered on the ribbons in white is the same snowflake as on the locket although it is repeated down one side on each of them.

"Anyway. It's not great, I know. But I thought, you know. I mean. And, you can do whatever you want with them. I mean, miniature portraits or locks of hair or, you know, toss them into a drawer and forget about them."

Issa peers over into Reyce's lap while her arms jiggle Asha back to quiet gurgling again, a fainter smile on her face as her eyes run over the lockets as they're revealed. "They /are/ great, Miniyal," Issa assures the nervous woman with an ounce of firmness in her tone, tilting her face to spare her a glance before she does reach a hand down to take one of the gifts from Reyce. The pink one dangles from between her fingers as she lifts it to examine the locket, and Asha's eyes follow the shiny thing on it's slow arc upward, letting out a small coo. "Very pretty," she comments further, smile drawn wide as she runs a thumb over the snowflakes embroidered along the ribbon. "Thank you," she utters yet again for the goldrider, as the locket is lowered back to join the others, handed off to Reyce to let him handle it. "I'm flattered you spent your free time making them."

Reyce handles the presents with a matter-of-fact air that's not the most encouraging thing for a gift-giver, but at least Issa and Asha are there to coo approvingly at them. And at least the lockets are a simple oval shape, which - once he has them all out - he turns around on his thumb, then wedges open with some difficulty using the short edge of a squarish fingernail. After he's had some more opportunity to prod at his own black-ribboned locket, he balls it up into his palm and shoves into a pocket. "Thanks," he responds, finally, to the woman who went to the trouble to give him such a thing, and who up to this point has been spared the pressure of his steady gaze again. A short nod, somewhat stiff, adds to the thanks, although it's rather a bit awkward and obligatory, for Reyce is worse at receiving gifts than Miniyal is at giving them. He busies himself taking the other lockets back from Issa and bundling them together.

"I'm glad. I mean, I wasn't sure. And I tried to- Anyway." Miniyal cuts herself off again and sits in silence for a minute before she rises to her feet. "I enjoyed the work. I mean, it passes the time. I mean, embroidery. Right. Anyway. I should be going. I don't want to intrude any more." Into her pocket slips a hand to pull her gloves out although she doesn't put them on yet. "Congratulations again. She's very pretty. Have a nice evening."

Issa's thank you quota has been depleted, so she merely nods at the goldrider as she offers more congratulations. A few steps are taken to mirror Miniyal's own, accompanying her at least part way to the curtain that marks her exit. "Wait a second, so..." she begins, pausing on the stone and bouncing Asha softly on her arm to prevent any sudden fusses the baby may be cooking up. "How are things going with B'rok at the helm? Honestly," she adds, a brief curl at one edge of her smile acknowledging that it's really a formality, asking Miniyal outright for the truth behind all the rumors.

This time, Reyce does trouble himself to get up and keep up the veneer of hospitality, stepping to Issa's side to present a solid parental front. His arm nudges against hers, a rapid glance sliding down from her face to the baby in case Issa's tired of holding her. Whether or not she takes him up on the offer, he shifts an extra step forward to create the beginnings of a conversational circle that could trap Miniyal if she's not careful. Reyce himself isn't doing it consciously, for his eyes are on the baby whom he can just see better if he's out a bit in front.

Miniyal's steps pause when she is halted by a question. There is no change in her expression when asked to make her answer honest. Issa knows, after all, there was no need to ask it that way. She tries not to notice Reyce moving closer, but it's impossible. So, she just takes another step backwards and tugs on one glove. "He can't do hidework to save his life. But so far there has not been any serious complaints from anyone. At least that I have heard. But I suppose I wouldn't hear considering what is said." Her nose wrinkles up briefly before she continues. "Things are going well, ma'am. There were worse choices to replace D'ven. I'm sure you know how thrilled I am to be yet another person's project so I won't burden any of you with comments on that. And I really should be going." Another backwards step is taken. She'll flee somehow.

Issa smiles knowingly as those choice rumors are touched upon, though they are as amusing to her as they are distasteful to Miniyal. "Oh," she starts cheerfully, sparing Reyce a glance that subtly assures him she and Asha are both fine for the moment, "I'm just waiting to see how you handle being no one's. But that's all very good to know." She gives Asha a quick jostle and the baby gurgles softly in response. "We appreciate you coming by. Go and enjoy your free time. I imagine Peloth will be craving a bath sometime in the next few minutes." If the conversation she and Oshisyth have been having, idly appreciating the warm waters in all this cold, has had any effect. She stays put, but Miniyal is free to make her escape, facing no more resistance from the greenrider.

Since Reyce doesn't have to take his daughter off Issa's hands, he retreats back a half-step and lets both of them alone. He tunes back into the riders' conversation about when Miniyal's talking about being a project. So predictably, it's time for her to be trained with a stare again while he considers the words. She won't find fleeing very hard, though, since as soon as she steps back, Reyce puffs a soft breath through his nostrils and drops his chin to his chest, cutting off the stare to let her start that retreat though he's obliged to tilt his gaze back up and add, "See you," when Issa cheerfully waves her off to tend her dragon.

"Oh, I'm sure I'll find a spectacular way to fuck up on my own, ma'am. Good evening." The good evening seems to be aimed at the couple in general although no effort is made to look at Reyce. Miniyal turns to go, leaving the bath comment be since it's likely the truth anyway. Well, she lets it be until she's nearly gone and then she lets out a little sigh. Shaking her head she looks over her shoulder at the new mother. "No wonder she picked you." Peloth surely willing to share her conversation to help explain why she /must/ have a bath now. Her gaze drifts down to Asha and there's a faint smile. "I hope she grows up to be just like the both of you." It's such a pleasant little curse offered in a politely cheerful sort of way. And then the weyrling sees herself out and a few moments later her and the bath craving gold are gone from the ledge.